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Jack Vartanian


Jewelry with an original blend of modern sophisticated style and a sexy, rock & roll edge.

Since 1999, Jack Vartanian has created fine jewelry collections infused with a unique combination of classic sophistication and avant-garde design. Vartanian's passion for precious stones comes from his family's long standing tradition in the gemstone trade. The Vartanian family business provided early exposure and practical training for the designer. Jack began working in the jewelry industry as a teenager, developing his design skills at an early age and collecting beautiful gemstones along his way. 

His design perspective evolved as he traveled through Antwerp and Milan, Hong Kong and Tokyo, LA and New York; he immersed himself in the study of fashion and design. The result of his dedication to the craft is reflected in the brand's timeless yet contemporary pieces, "new classics" designed for all occasions. Each piece of the collection is an object of desire that evokes new ways of using materials like gold, rhodium, black diamonds, white diamonds, emeralds, rubies and sapphires to create truly innovative jewelry.

"My designs suit day and night and can be worn by women of different styles on any occasion" states Jack Vartanian. "What they all have in common is a desire to stand out". The secret to Vartanian's success for the past 20 years is the combination of classic forms, bold color and a definite design edge.  Jack Vartanian resides in Sao Paulo, Brazil and has lived there most of his life.

Brand and Atelier


Contrary to fine jewelry designers all over the world, Jack Vartanian launches new collections with amazing regularity, always surprising his clients, the media, and opinion leaders with his personal and often sexy, irreverent take on luxury fashion, social trends and pop culture.

Walking into a Jack Vartanian boutique is a sensorial experience that reflects the brand's attention to detail at every level. The French-Brazilian architecture firm Triptyque designed the spaces with clean black lines and a striking asymmetric architectural details, creating a perfectly dark, minimalist but super rich environment where his jewels are shown as in an art gallery, bridging the gap between commerce and art. His retail locations include Shops at Iguatemi in São Paulo and Fashion Mall in Rio de Janeiro. The United States flagship boutique is located in Soho, in New York City. His collections can also be seen in luxury boutiques and the famed American department store Barney's New York.

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